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Male Breast Reduction New Jersey

Male Breast Reduction New Jersey – Before and After PhotosBreast reduction surgery can also benefit men who feel self-conscious about excess breast tissue, a condition known as gynecomastia. The male breast reduction procedure is very different from breast reduction for women. Typically, standard liposuction alone or ultrasound-assisted liposuction may be enough to produce your desired results. Occasionally, excess fat and tissue may need to be removed as well, and, in severe cases, excess skin may also be removed. Regardless of technique, the remaining skin will be tightened and flattened, creating a firmer, more masculine-looking chest. Incisions are typically minimal, resulting in little scarring.

New Jersey gynecomastia patient before and after photos.Gynecomastia is common, affecting 40 to 60 percent of all men, yet this condition is rarely discussed openly. Although there are no known causes, some drugs and medical conditions have been linked to excess breast tissue development in men. During your consultation with Dr. Glatt, he will discuss with you your medical history to determine if breast reduction is the right treatment for you.

Male Breast Reduction — Contact Dr. Glatt in New Jersey

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Glatt is the first step toward improving your life by improving your appearance. If you are ready to learn more about breast reconstruction and reduction options, including male breast reduction for the treatment of gynecomastia, contact Dr. Glatt’s New Jersey practice today.

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