Allē Rewards Program

Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program Gets an Upgrade

Allē Rewards Program

Allē is a new and improved aesthetics reward program offering exclusive opportunities to our VIP clients. Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey is proud to make Allergan’s latest loyalty incentives available to you. 

Formally known as Brilliant Distinctions, Allē is an upgrade that gives you more ways to earn rewards than ever before. And, at Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, your rewards go even further. Our clients also earn points with other in-office products from over 50 other qualifying brands.

Upgrade your lifestyle at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey. We value your loyalty and we are proud to serve you. Consider a virtual consultation with us from the secure comfort of your own home. Or, you can contact us by phone by calling (973) 889-9300.

Reward Yourself

The Allē Rewards Program is brought to you by Allergan, the manufacturer behind some of your favorite aesthetic brands. Enroll in Allē to earn points every time you receive JUVÉDERM XC, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA, and BOTOX or purchase Latisse or any SkinMedica Product. Then redeem your points for savings on future treatments.

Save with Allē

  • Look Your Best – When you purchase participating brands and services, you earn points on your Allē rewards account that can be applied toward future purchases
  • Acquire Credit – Your Allē rewards points can be used to purchase other Allergan products and a variety of in-office treatments 
  • Exciting Savings – Watch your points accrue in your Allē Wallet or splurge on yourself as soon as they come in—how you spend your points is totally up to you 

The Benefits of Membership

Allē is a customized rewards program that is responsive to your desires. The system quickly learns what you love and starts sending you exclusive offers based on your past purchases. Save on the products and services that you use the most. Never miss a treatment because Allē’s rewards are designed around you. 

Allē Is Designed with You in Mind

  • Exclusive discounts on all your favorite Allergan brands, including Botox, JUVÉDERM and more 
  • Save or spend however you want to because Allē reward points are valid for 12 months after your purchase date
  • Visit the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey to save on a variety of in-office products and treatments
  • Exclusive offers are optimized based on your previous purchasing patterns
  • Enjoy paper-free, coupon-less redemption of rewards points
  • Consume curated content that is customized to pique your interest

The More You Use It, the More You’ll Save

With Allē, you’ll save on all of Allergan’s wide range of popular products and services. The Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey also offers additional opportunities to earn points. We occasionally provide further incentives for our most loyal clients when they seek our skin care services or purchase medical-grade products for at-home use

Join the A-List

A-List members will experience even more benefits from the Allē Rewards Program. A-Listers are loyal clients who have accumulated 1,200 points in a calendar year. These elite users unlock Allē’s exclusive, VIP membership. VIPs will receive all of Allē membership perks, plus added benefits.

Sign up for the Allē Rewards Program and flex your membership at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey. Consider a consultation with us to begin your journey as one of our A-List clients. 

Personal Consultation

The Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey provides premium aesthetic products and services to our growing community of satisfied patients. We want you to look and feel your best, so we bring you the best offers available to maximize your budget and your potential. Our amazing aestheticians and expert nurse injector want to meet you and hear your story. 

At your personal consultation, we will provide you with a customized course of treatment based on your health history and aesthetic goals. The scope and sequence of your treatment regimen is bespoke to you. Allē Rewards Program participants have the added benefit of exclusive savings on qualified products and services. We want to work with you to help make your aesthetic dreams a reality. 

Contact us online to schedule your personal consultation at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey. You can call our office in Morristown at (973) 889-9300.   

Membership Made Easy

Accessing Allē’s points, perks and offers is easier than ever. Download the intuitive app on your smartphone or mobile device to track the progress of your points in the Allē Wallet. Your Wallet is also where you’ll find gift cards and limited-time offers that are exclusively available to you. 

The Allē app puts your entire rewards experience in one place. It’s all digital and paper-free, so you can be kind to the environment without worrying about misplacing a gift card or coupon. At Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, we can also access your Allē Wallet at the point of purchase to make sure you maximize the value of your medical spa experience.  

Custom Content 

We want you to be an educated consumer. The Allē application curates a personalized stream of content that is responsive to your unique interests. The content is created by aesthetic experts across the country. It is intended to inform you about skin care, aesthetics and savings opportunities that are available to all Allē members. 

Sign up for the Allē Rewards Program to make the most out of your visits to the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey.   

Allē Members Maximize Their Premier Experience 

The Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey is proud to partner with Allergan to bring you the Allē Rewards Program. As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality aesthetic products and services to our Morristown community, we enthusiastically encourage you to see if the Allē program is right for you. 

We believe our loyal clients deserve to be rewarded. The Allē Rewards program provides incentives to continue your course of treatment at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey. Maximize your savings while you upgrade your life. 

How Much Do Premium Aesthetic Products and Services Cost in Morristown, New Jersey?

The more you use the Allē Rewards Program, the more you will save. You can apply your rewards points towards many of our most popular products and procedures, like Latisse and SkinMedica. Earn points when you purchase any Allergan product or products from over 50 other participating brands.

At Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, our loyal clients don’t have to pay full price. Contact us to learn more about the Allē Rewards Program.


What happened to Brilliant Distinctions? 

The Brilliant Distinctions rewards program has undergone an upgrade and is now known as Allē. Allē offers a new and improved user experience that is responsive to you. The new program is designed to give you more of what you love. Download the Allē app on your smartphone or mobile device to track the progress of your points in the easy-to-use Allē Wallet. Making the most of your medical spa experience has never been easier. 

Can I still use my old Brilliant Distinctions points with Allē?

Absolutely. In Allē, points are your currency. Your old Brilliant Distinctions rewards are redeemable with Allergan’s new and improved Allē program. You can merge your Allē and Brilliant Distinctions accounts online to make your old rewards available in your Allē Wallet. 

I created an Allē account without my Brilliant Distinctions information. Can I still access my old rewards?

Yes. Creating an Allē account is a simple online process. But even if you forget to include your old Brilliant Distinctions information when you register for Allē, it isn’t too late to merge your accounts. Simply follow the simple instructions online and your Brilliant Distinctions rewards will be made available as points in your new Allē Wallet.

Why did my Brilliant Distinctions rewards become points in Allē?   

Allē has streamlined the process of redeeming the rewards you have earned. Now, you only need to track your points in the Allē Wallet to redeem them when you purchase qualified products and services. Points are like currency in the Allē system. So, if you merge Brilliant Distinctions with your new Allē account, Allergan converts your rewards into an analogous number of points.

I was a diamond member with Brilliant Distinctions. What happens now?

Brilliant Distinctions diamond members are automatically upgraded to Allē’s A-List through the end of 2021. Allē’s improved VIP program rewards “power users” with a simplified process. When you earn 1,200 points in a calendar year, you are invited to join the A-List. A-Listers receive all Allē membership perks, plus added benefits.

How much does it cost to become an Allē member? 

Becoming an Allē member is absolutely free. Simply sign up online to begin enjoying premium benefits. The Allē Rewards Progam is easier to use than ever, thanks to the mobile app and Allē Wallet, where you can track your points and stay informed with a customized stream of content that’s tailored to you.