Breast Lift with Implants (Augmentation-Mastopexy)

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Augmentation-mastopexy is our breast lift with implants surgery that combines the features of our most popular breast enhancement procedures. We offer comprehensive solutions to women seeking all-inclusive improvement.   

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Breast Lift - New Jersey

Dr. Brian S. Glatt is one of our region’s most respected and esteemed plastic surgeons. Among his many specialties are his Breast Augmentation procedures. But comprehensive enhancement is far more than a simple matter of size. Many women have sagging or ptosis (pronounced “toe-sis”) of their breasts which require a lift.  Ptosis of the breasts describes the “droopy” appearance that can occur under the steady strain of compounding factors. A loss in overall breast volume will commonly occur in the most acute cases of ptosis, which makes placement of a breast implant useful to help restore the lost volume. A  Breast Lift treats a lax and sagging breast so that the breasts present in a perkier, more youthful orientation, while a breast augmentation serves to add volume which has either been lost or is simply desired.  

Aging of a woman’s breast can be secondary to the cumulative effects of time, sun exposure, gravity, and effects of pregnancy.  As we age, the skin and soft tissues themselves become more lax. In addition,  life-changing events such as massive weight loss and childbirth also commonly contribute to the development of sagging in the breast.[1] 

Augmentation-mastopexy offers multiple dimensions of breast enhancement to overcome a combination of aesthetic issues. Dr. Brian S. Glatt will sculpt your chest with a personalized procedure aimed at correcting breast size and position. Contact us for a consultation or you can reach our Morristown, NJ office at (973) 889-9300

Dr. Glatt now also offers his patients Virtual Consultations using a data-secure and HIPAA compliant application that connects to your laptop or cell phone. 

Combined Benefits

The combined benefits of a breast augmentation with lift can provide holistic enhancement to your chest and upper body. Breast implants will significantly assist with volume loss at the chest. They will enhance the size and shape of your breasts, granting them a pleasing appearance and satisfying responsiveness. Dr. Glatt can help you achieve a perky presentation by including mastopexy with your augmentation procedure.

Breast Lift - New Jersey

A breast lift involves surgically removing excess skin, and sometimes tissue, to bring the breasts back up so that they sit higher up on the chest. The surgery is also known as mastopexy and it is used to correct ptosis.[2] The areola is most typically made smaller and then is moved back up to the proper position. Excess redundant skin soft tissue is then removed to eradicate the laxity. The breast essentially is taken apart and placed back together again higher, rounder, and also potentially somewhat smaller in appearance (in the case of a mastopexy alone).  If more size is desired or if fullness at the upper pole of the breast is lacking, then a breast augmentation can be performed concurrently (augmentation mastopexy). This combination of procedures can be done in separate stages or all at once. Dr. Glatt routinely performs augmentation mastopexy in one single stage. Although this combination of procedures is considered extremely complex, a breast lift with implants is a safe and effective combination procedure thanks to the extensive experience, skill, and vision of Dr. Brian Glatt. 

Should I Get Implants with My Breast Lift?

Women afflicted by profound ptosis will see their sagging breasts improved by the comprehensive benefits of augmentation-mastopexy.[3] Age and other dramatic changes to the body are not merely one dimensional. A breast augmentation with lift is a multifaceted approach to aesthetic improvement.

Ideal Candidates  

  • Suffer severe ptosis
  • Experience volume loss in the breasts, exacerbating ptosis
  • Are at risk of exacerbating ptosis further with implants alone
  • Have experienced pregnancy, transformational weight loss or both 

Your Personal Consultation with Dr. Glatt

Dr. Brian S. Glatt is a respected and celebrated board certified plastic surgeon. His esteemed ability is acclaimed throughout the Northeast and he is known even beyond the bounds of his highly competitive profession. In fact, Dr. Glatt fields frequent requests for media appearances. Many agree that his personable manner and professional approach and ability explain complex medical matters in an easy to understand way make him perfect for television.

Dr. Glatt certainly appreciates the attention but his highest priority is to provide personalized care with outstanding results to his satisfied patients. Dr. Glatt works hard for his patients because he wants them to achieve their aesthetic goals. He wants them to feel good about themselves. Our grateful patients reciprocate with scores of sincere positive reviews.   

Dr. Glatt received the following handwritten letter of appreciation from a patient who preferred to remain anonymous.     

Real Patient Review

Dr. Glatt,

I think you may well have given me the best tangible gift I’ve ever received.

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Breast Lift - New Jersey

When Dr. Glatt performs the combined augmentation-mastopexy procedure, he begins with the breast augmentation. Once the proper size of the enhancement has been established, then the remainder of the breast is shaped and custom fit around the new size. There are several varieties of breast lift procedures and each of them is intended to correct increasingly severe cases of breast ptosis. Breast lift techniques are defined by their distinct incision patterns. Depending on how droopy your breasts may be, Dr. Glatt will select the most effective technique while trying to best minimize the visible scar. While many plastic surgeons have one “go to” way they like to perform a breast lift, Dr. Glatt remains extremely versatile and employs whatever technique(s) he needs in order to provide the best and most customized results for each patient. Different mastopexy techniques include: 

Periareolar Mastopexy

The donut technique, or periareolar mastopexy, is named for the periareolar incisions that encircle the areola, just on the border of the colored and non colored skin. The incision pattern resembles the familiar donut shape. The technique involves repositioning skin and tissue so that the nipple is perched higher upon the breast. The elevated position places the nipple areola complex in a more proper and youthful position to help counteract the aging effects of gravity.[4] This technique is the least powerful and most minor of all mastopexy procedures and results mostly in a minor movement of the nipple areolar complex. 

Vertical Scar Technique  

The circumvertical  mastopexy technique is the one most commonly performed by Dr. Glatt.  It is ideally suited to treat moderate to severe cases of ptosis. The procedure is so named because the incisions include periareolar incision as well as a vertical scar going from the base of the areola down to just above the inframammary crease at the bottom of the breast.  Taken together, the incision pattern resembles a lollipop. Occasionally, in a circumvertical mastopexy,  a very small horizontal incision is required at the base of the breast to eradicate any residual redundancy of skin or tissue but this scar is typically extremely well hidden within the base of the breast. 

Wise Pattern or Horizontal Scar Technique

Mastopexy with an “anchor” incision begins just as the other surgeries do, with a periareolar scar around the areola with a vertical incision as well.  The anchor technique, also referred to as a Wise Pattern Mastopexy, however also includes a longer horizontal scar along the base of the breast just at the inframammary fold. An anchor incision is most useful for more severe cases of ptosis or for much larger breasts which require more significant removal of tissue. Dr. Glatt tries to avoid this large horizontal incision whenever possible.

Recovery from an augmentation mastopexy procedure is very similar to that of a breast augmentation. Patients treated by Dr. Glatt typically require pain medicine for 24-48 hours. Most patients are driving within 2-3 days and back to work within 3-5 days. There is no exercise for three weeks and no lifting, pushing, pulling, or straining for 6 weeks. Patients are asked to wear a sports bra for about 3-6 weeks following surgery to help reinforce shape and help control swelling, which is typically minor in degree. 

How Much Does a Breast Lift with Implants Cost in New Jersey?

Dr. Glatt considers the needs of the individual when deciding on the proper course of care. That’s because the unique needs of every woman demand that we approach each case in a customized way. At your personal consultation, Dr. Glatt will review your medical history. He will determine your eligibility for surgery while assessing your own aesthetic goals. Dr. Glatt will prudently provide an approximate assessment of your cost at the conclusion of your consultation.  

Financing options are available for those who qualify. You may find it comforting to know that an Aesthetisure insurance plan to cover any unforeseen incidents following your procedure—is included with your surgical fee. This premium benefit is available exclusively to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and who have a certain safety profile. 


How long does a breast lift with implants take to heal?

After your combined breast lift and breast augmentation procedure, you can expect to return to work within 3-5 days for a non manual job. However, patients must refrain from excessively vigorous activities for three to six weeks to allow your body to properly heal following surgery. Postoperative visits are important to help guide your recovery to be sure to keep all of your follow-up appointments to avoid any unnecessary complications. 

Should I get implants with my breast lift?

The combination of breast augmentation and breast lift can accomplish what neither surgery can on its own. While many women wish to correct their sagging breasts with a breast lift procedure, the surgery does not add any upper fullness above the nipple line. A breast augmentation can help to increase overall size and/or improve the shape of small and asymmetrical breasts, but no implant will improve the appearance of or correct ptosis. Many women add a breast augmentation also with the intended goal of simply restoring upper pole fullness to the breast and not necessarily to make them larger in size. Dr. Glatt is extremely versatile and can provide many potential surgical options, all of which will be discussed with you at your consultation. A breast lift with implants (augmentation mastopexy) pairs the aesthetic improvements of two techniques to achieve the sculpted and symmetrical silhouette you seek. 


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