Recovery after breast implant surgery at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey


Breast augmentation surgery remains the number one most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States.  Board certified plastic surgeon Brian S Glatt explains that although most people think that recovery will take a long time, in truth, recovery is quite surgeon as well as patient dependent. By paying particular attention to meticulous technique in the operating room and by treating the tissues as delicately as possible, Dr Glatt can help patients achieve a faster recovery and enhanced long lasting results.


Most of Dr. Glatt’s patients at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey require postoperative pain medicine for only 2-3 days, but many may continue taking a muscle relaxant such as Valium for several days longer.  Breast augmentation patients are generally finished taking any postoperative medication by about 6-7 days. 


What are my restrictions after breast implant surgery?  Most of your restrictions after breast augmentation surgery are physical, and involve a decrease in overall activity as well as avoidance of heavy (greater than 20 lbs) lifting.  Your pectoralis muscles will be somewhat weaker during the time immediately following surgery and the tissues will need time to heal and recover.  We like our patients to avoid any kind of heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for three weeks.  After three weeks, most patients are healed well enough to resume most activity.  Full unrestricted activity can be resumed after 5-6 weeks. 


When can you drive after breast implant surgery?  Patients are allowed to drive when they are not taking any medicines that can affect their coordination or decision making ability and when they can move their arms well enough to swerve away if someone were to stop short in front of them.  A majority of our patients are moving their arms freely within twenty-four hours and driving without difficulty within 5-6 days.


When can you go back to work after breast augmentation surgery?  Of course the answer to this highly depends on what you do for a living.  If your job is less physical, then most of the time you may return to work after one week.  If your work is more physically demanding, then you may want to take an additional week off postoperatively to give your body a chance to more fully recover.  Too much activity or too much stress on the body too early can cause small amounts of trauma to your inner tissues and compromise your healing and your ultimate result! 


When will my breast augmentation scars be fully healed?  Most people do not realize that any scar on the body takes almost a full year to completely heal!  With that being said, a majority of your scar wound healing will be complete by about three months.  Most of the time, your scar will start to fade by this time and will continue to do so.  Dr. Glatt will advise you on postoperative scar care and management during your postoperative visits.


Do I have to massage my breast implants?  Whether you have silicone gel filled breast implants or saline filled breast implants placed, Dr. Glatt feels it is very important to move the implants around in their pockets, or “massage” them.  You will be instructed on how to do this properly about a week after surgery.  It is good practice to continue this on a regular basis for as long as possible to help keep your implants soft, mobile and natural looking and feeling.


All of our patients at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey in Morristown, New Jersey receive their postoperative instructions in advance of their breast implant surgery and Dr. Glatt will spend a great deal of time discussing everything you have just read in a lot more detail during your consultation as well as during your dedicated preoperative visit.


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