Our Favorite Biggest Loser!

Amanda Arlauskas, dubbed “America’s Choice”, and the third finalist of season eight’s Biggest Loser, lost 87 pounds while being filmed for national television.  After leaving the show, she continued with her diet and exercise programs and brought her weight loss total to over 100 pounds. 

After such an accomplishment, it was disturbing that she felt even more uncomfortable with her body, due to the excess skin of her abdomen and thighs.  Amanda made the decision to have a body lift by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS, and is thrilled with the results!   

This week, Amanda returned to our office to be filmed with Dr. Glatt for a piece to be aired on Inside Edition.   This piece will chronicle her life after the Biggest Loser.  Amanda is inspring, motivated and absolutely adorable!  She is our favorite Biggest Loser, and we wish her continued success!

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