Otoplasty (ear surgery)

Protruding, disfigured or very large ears can cause embarrassment and negative feelings in a child. The ears are fully developed by age four or five and able to be surgically refined with otoplasty surgery at any time after this age. During this procedure a small incision is made behind the ear and cartilage and skin is removed or reshaped. A slight scar remains at the incision site, but this is located well behind the ear and will fade with time. The patient has a head dressing for a short time post operatively, one to two days, which will be changed to a lighter, less cumbersome headband which is worn for a week. Discomfort is minimal and easily controlled with appropriate medication. It is important that the child desires this surgery, as he or she will be more cooperative during the surgical process and post-operative recovery period. Otoplasty creates a natural, more balanced appearance of the ears, and can have a profound impact on a child’s appearance and self-esteem.

To discuss otoplasty surgery for your child, please call the office of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS at 973-889-9300 to schedule an appointment.

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