Medical Grade Skin Care in Northern New Jersey

The Skin Care Specialists at the office of Board Certifed Plastic Surgeon Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS  remind you that your skin can suffer from the weather during theupcoming cold months.  As the body’s largest organ, skin is far more delicate than you probably realize. Maintaining its moisture balance is essential   Just as your body needs different clothing to protect it against the changing weather; your skin requires a different skin care regime to properly protect it from the elements of winter. In the winter months the skin’s moisture balance is lowered due to the combined effect of the cold air outdoors and the dry air indoors.  Under these conditions, your skin requires more moisture.  Change your daily skin care routine to include a moisturizer with a humectant barrier to keep that healthy glow.  Skin care is an ongoing process, regardless of the season.   A visit with one of our skin care professionals to develop a personalized daily regime with our medical grade skin care products from Neocutis, Obagi and Skinceutical is essential for healthy skin.

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