Latisse in Northern New Jersey to create natural longer eyelashes

Latisse works!  That is what our patients are saying.  We already know the science:  Latisse will produce darker and thicker eyelashes within 4-6 weeks and natural looking,  longer lashes within 4-8 weeks.  Now that Latisse has been available for almost 3 months we have seen an overwhelming response from our patients who got on the bandwagon early.  We were among the first plastic surgery practices in northern New Jersey to offer Latisse to our patients from our Morristown, New Jersey office. 


What is Latisse?  Latisse is available only by prescription or in a doctor’s office.  In its former life, it was an eyedrop used to treat a condition of the eye that involves increased pressure of the eyeball.  Patients were noticing that their eyelashes were growing longer and getting thicker and darker!  The active ingredient was isolated and formulated as thick liquid gel.  The company supplies Latisse in a small eye-dropper like bottle with small brush applicators.  The product is applied to the upper eyelid margin along the lash line (just the upper lid, not the lower lid) each night at bedtime.  It is that easy!  Within 4-6 weeks, your eyelashes will be thicker and darker.  Within 4-8 weeks, you will notice natural longer eyelashes as well!  If Latisse is discontinued, the effect is reversible, so nothing permanent is happening to you.  Latisse is safe, easy to use, and quite effective.  Come see for yourself and schedule a consultation with Dr. Glatt to discuss Latisse.

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