Cosmetic Surgery for Teenagers – Frequently Asked Questions

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS, of Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey in Morristown, NJ answers FAQ’s about cosmetic surgery for teenagers.


  • How do I determine if my teenager’s request for cosmetic surgery is valid and not just a passing phase?

 If your teenager has been talking about having surgery for a period of time, the first step in determining the sincerity of this request would be an initial consultation.  During this meeting, Dr. Glatt can help determine if your teenager is an appropriate candidate for the procedure desired, and fully explain and discuss the risks, advantages, and limits of surgery.

  • What are the “limits of surgery”?

 Your teen must understand both what a cosmetic surgery procedure can realistically provide, the limits of the procedure in order to avoid unrealistic expectations about life changes that can occur post-operatively.  Teenagers often gain self-esteem and confidence after cosmetic surgery, but the surgery will result in a physical change only, and will not correct other life issues. Teens, as all patients, must fully understand their surgery and what it can do for them.

  • Is there a specific age that a teen can have cosmetic surgery?

 Certain growth milestones must be achieved, and the teenager must possess sufficient physical as well as emotional maturity to undergo surgery and deal appropriately with the post-operative period to be an appropriate suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery.  In addition, with certain procedures such as a breast reduction, teens should have reached full development prior to proceeding with surgery. 

  • What surgeries are most requested by teenagers?

 Rhinoplasty (surgery to correct a misshapen nose), breast reduction, otoplasty (“ear pinning”), and correction of breast asymmetry are the most requested procedures that Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian S Glatt sees  at his Morristown, NJ practice.

  • Do a lot of teenagers have cosmetic surgery?

 According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), nearly 210,000 teenagers underwent cosmetic plastic surgery procedures last year.

 Although all surgery carries some risk, your teenager can realize great benefits from cosmetic plastic surgery.  Call Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey at 973-889-9300 today, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Glatt to discuss cosmetic surgery for your teen.

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