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Liquid Facelift New Jersey

For patients who wish to revitalize their appearance without spending the time and undergoing surgical procedures, Dr. Glatt offers a non-invasive “liquid facelift”. With newer advanced techniques and better products available, results can be achieved which far surpass what had been possible in the past. Volume and youthful contours can be restored in less than an hour through the use of BOTOX® or DYSPORT combined with advanced dermal fillers, such as JUVEDERM XC, JUVEDERM VOLUMA, RESTYLANE, BELOTERO and SCULPTRA! These non-invasive treatments are easily performed in our office by Dr. Glatt and will also minimize lines, wrinkles, and folds. Sagging contours are immediately rejuvenated as the filler material is placed into targeted areas, smoothing and supporting unwanted creases and lines. For more information about the benefits of a liquid facelift, please contact Dr. Glatt’s office today.

Contact Dr. Glatt for a Liquid Facelift Consultation

Dr. Glatt customizes each liquid facelift and can create a combination of procedures to fit your individual needs and achieve your desired results. He believes that one technique is not right for everyone, and has the knowledge and skills necessary to address your particular needs. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian S. Glatt and learn more about your liquid facelift options by contacting his New Jersey practice.

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