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Plastic Surgery – Common Questions

Questions answered by Dr Brian Glatt of Morristown, New Jersey

  • If you have implants, you’ll end up with hard boobs.

False!!  “Hard boobs” result from excess scar tissue which can form around a breast implant – not the implants turning hard themselves.  Meticulous technique during breast implant surgery can help avoid this from happening. 

  • Butt implants make it uncomfortable to sit.

Butt implants can make it uncomfortable to sit for some people and are notorious for cauing postential problems such as infection or fluid collections, which can make it very ucomfortable to sit.

A cosmetic tummy tuck should never remove your belly button!  The belly button will usually be cut around it to keep it attached to you on a “stalk” and everything else moves around it.  A new hole is then made in the skin to bring it back through to the surface. 

  • You can have your tummy tuck scars in the same place as your C-section scars.

True.  It is usually fairly easy to incorporate a c-section scar into a tummy tuck scar to keep the scar low and well-hidden. 

  • Botox is completely safe while pregnant.

We are unsure regarding the safety of Botox during pregnancy for your developing child.  Because of this one should avoid having Botox treatments while pregnant. 

  • They have to break your nose to perform a nose job.

Not always! Typically the nose does need to be broken during a nose job, especially if there is a  “hump” to be taken down.  If the hump is small or if one is not dealing with a bump, but only the tip, for example, then the nose will not need to be broken.   

  • There’s nothing you can do to change the appearance of your neck as you age.

Necklift surgery is a very popular choice for those seeking rejuvenation of the neck, but who are not quite ready for a full facelift.  The incisions are minimal and well hidden around the ear and the skin laxity as well as the bands in the middle of eth neck can be well taken care of.

  • Your forehead gets bigger when you have a facelift.

A facelift deals with rejuvenation of the cheeks, jowls, and neck and should not effect the size of your forehead.

Dr Brian Glatt

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