Lend Us Your Ear – Torn Earlobe Repair

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Plastic surgery to repair a torn earlobe is a frequent condition for which patients come to Dr. Brian Glatt’s Morristown plastic surgery practice,  the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of NJ.   Piercing an earlobe puts it at risk of tearing, and the size, style and weight of earrings can contribute to the stretching of the earlobe opening. Large earrings that dangle can be caught on clothing or grasped by a child, resulting in a partial or complete tear.  In addition, heavy use of a phone or cell phone being held in place by a shoulder against the ear or sleeping with earrings in place also can produce tearing of the earlobe.  Many times, a favorite earring is lost before one realizes the extent of the condition!

A torn earlobe can easily be repaired in our Morristown, New Jersey plastic surgery office, using a local anesthetic.  The process is easy; stitches are in place for about one week and the whole procedure takes about 20-30 minutes per ear.  After the repair has completely healed, usually about 6 to 8 weeks, you can have your ear re-pierced by the person of your choice. This short, simple procedure will enable you to wear your favorite earrings again!

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