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Breast Incision Options New Jersey

Breast Reduction Incision Options

As with other types of breast surgery, there are several incision methods to consider; however the incision method used during breast reduction will depend on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. A vertical incision involves an incision from the breast crease upward with a circular incision around the areola. If larger amounts of tissue must be removed, the full Wise pattern incision (“anchor” incision) will allow Dr. Glatt to remove enough tissue for the desired result. The Wise pattern includes a horizontal incision along the breast crease in addition to the vertical incision and circular incision around the areola. Dr. Glatt understands that resulting scars are a concern for his patients, and uses the least invasive method possible to still achieve the desired results for breast reduction and all of his breast procedures.

Breast Reduction Incision Options— Contact Dr. Glatt in New Jersey

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Glatt is the first step toward improving your life by improving your appearance. If you are ready to learn more about breast reconstruction and reduction options, including male breast reduction for the treatment of gynecomastia, contact Dr. Glatt’s New Jersey practice today.

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